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GiftsFriends&Time fundraising software v 2.1 was released on September 23. The update includes 53 features and improvements to the software, mostly based on client feedback.

Highlights include:

Mail Merge Salutation fields
GiFT now recognizes when two people on the same Friend page share a last name and will combine them appropriately, giving you this field to choose for your salutation when you open a report in Mail Merge.

Assistants and Managers can now enter and update Promises
All users, except viewers, can enter and manage those important pledges from your donors.

The last 20 gifts appear by gift date, not entry order
Now when you review the last 20 gifts given on the Gift page, you will see the gifts based on the date they were given, not when they were entered into the software.

Accept really, really large gifts
Believe it or not, we had a client who discovered that GiftsFriends&Time could not accept a million dollar gift. To fix the problem, we expanded the amount field. We hope you all have a chance to use this feature.

Filter by Category on the Gifts from Everyone report
You can now run a Gifts From Everyone report based on the category to which the donations were applied.

Track a wider variety of Gift types, including ACH/EFT and stocks

One custom Gift field and one custom Time field added
You can use these fields to record special information related to gifts or a volunteer activity. For example, you could use the custom Time field to track miles driven during a volunteer activity, or you could use the custom Gift field to record the number of tickets provided.

Memorial/Honor giving report 
You can now run a report that will show all of your memory or honor giving, including who the memorial was given by and who it was given in honor or memory of.

International Addresses
We have adjusted the system so you can enter international addresses in the address fields. The zip code field now accepts any format so that the address will be correctly printed for mailing.

Record "0" hour volunteer activities on the Time page
There are times when you may want to record activities that are not technically volunteer hours, such as attendance at a fundraising banquet or completion of a background check. With this new feature, you can allow "0" hour activities and use volunteer tracking to record participation without affecting the tally of regular volunteer time.

Easier use of the Quick Receipt Letter
We changed the format of receipt letters to make them a little more contemporary, and now they fit easily into a double window envelope. This eliminates the need to print envelopes or labels.

More Custom Fields
We've increased the number of custom fields on the Friend page from six to ten. Now you can track even more information specific to your agency's Friends.

Our goal with GiftsFriends&Time is to provide a product that helps you maintain great relationships with your donors and volunteers, while being very easy to use. Your feedback is very important to us, so please let us know if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions.

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