Fundraising software for nonprofits: GiFT is web-based software for nonprofits to manage fund raising activities.  GiFT offers user-friendly fund raising management, volunteer management, and donor management for small to mid-size agencies at discounted rates.   SOFTWARE THAT SERVES
Simplify  your processes and reduce your workload.

Strengthen  your relationships with donors
and volunteers.

Support  the valuable work you do in your community!

Why Web-based Software?


Data Security

We back up your data every night and archive it to protect against data loss.

Reduced Training

Your interface is through your web browser. If you can use the Internet, you already know how to use GiftsFriends&Time.

Reduced Costs

GiftsFriends&Time is accessed using your Internet browser. There is nothing to install on your computers and no need for additional servers in your office. This simplifies your startup process and minimizes your costs and support needs.

Multiple Users

The number of users for GiftsFriends&Time is limited only by your own policies and procedures.

Accessible from Anywhere

If you can get to the Internet, you can get to your data. You can use any computer at any time from anywhere in the office or the world!

Immediate Upgrades

Because the software runs on our server, all upgrades and enhancements to GiftsFriends&Time can be made available to you as they are released with no deliveries, fees, or interruptions to your work day.

Simplified Support

If you do need our help to find or fix problems, we have full access to the software you are running so we can see what you see. With your permission, we can access your data to resolve problems there as well. To help you get comfortable with GiftsFriends&Time, we offer free support during your initial stage of use.

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